Top MBA dual specializations in Finance and HR colleges in Bangalore

The key roles of an MBA graduate in HR are to create a recruitment strategy and employment sustainability for an organization. And Proper financial management safeguards the wealth of an organization and ensures that the business gets sufficient returns on investment. The MBA dual specialization in Finance and HR gives wings to students to expand their career paths in multiple sectors. An MBA dual specialization in Finance and HR is designed to prepare students to handle and direct the company’s employees and carry out financial responsibilities. Most colleges offer separate MBA programs for both specializations, and we do too. However, we are also one of the top MBA dual specializations HR and finance colleges in Bangalore after introducing MBA dual specialization programs in our curriculum.

Importance of Dual specialization:

An MBA dual specialization in Finance and HR is an outstanding course for students for professional growth. The course will prepare you for the corporate world and also train you for the financial sector. The reason for introducing dual specialization courses at CIT is the market’s requirement.

  • Nowadays recruitment channels have set hiring measures for students and professionals.
  • They prefer multi-skilled personals for any prestigious managerial roles.
  • Management of any organization needs a strong base to build and flourish.
  • Student MBA dual specialization programs get an advantage from the beginning of their career. 

So, we offer a better alternative to pursue an MBA from the Cambridge Institute of Technology. We have curated a program called MBA dual specialization in Finance and HR.

We are raking one of the top institutes for MBA dual specialization in HR and Finance colleges in Bangalore

  • Dual specialization in finance and HR from the Cambridge institute of technology provides students with different experiences in the business world.
  • We excel at providing the best education infrastructure for students. 
  • In these two years, students undergo training in both finance and Human resource discipline. 
  • The application of IT in the HR profession and finance sector makes the work simpler.
  • IT resources help HR monitor the workers’ efficiency, incorporate staff training, help bridge the gap between work-life, etc. systematically. 
  • While IT helps in better management of financial records safely.

Course details of Dual specialization in HR and Finance:

The course includes training on analytics that provides students with real-time expertise with these methods. In this revolutionary age, the education At Cambridge Group of Institute, we curate the best curriculum for our students which makes us one of the top MBA dual specializations HR and finance colleges in Bangalore

  • Human Resources management needs to collaborate with the top management to build a strong workforce pool for the company. 
  • The finance professionals are responsible for creating financial analysis and maintaining the company’s non-living assets. 
  • In both sectors, professionals are dealing with living or non-living assets for an organization. This requires a perfect balance in between which involves a perfect course designed only to make professionals for future need. 

The curated program of MBA dual specialization in HR and Finance has a set of areas to focus especially for MBA students pursuing a dual specialization in HR and Finance. 

The topics covered in this dual specialization program are

  • Emerging Exponential Technologies, 
  • Technology & Operational Strategy, 
  • Investment Management, Direct Taxation, 
  • Recruitment & Selection, 
  • Human Resource Analytics, 
  • Risk Management and Insurance, 
  • Financial Derivatives, Indirect Taxation, 
  • Organizational Leadership, 
  • Personal Growth & Interpersonal Effectiveness, 
  • International Human Resource Management. 

The top MBA dual specializations HR and finance colleges in Bangalore concentrate on the preparation and growth of students, but here at CIT, we focus also on real-time assignments and internships.

Course Structure

  • Management & Organisational Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing Management
  • Managerial Communications
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Research Methods
  • Operations Research 
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Legal Aspects
  • Emerging Exponential Technologies
  • Technology & Operational Strategy
  • Investment Management
  • Direct Taxation
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Internship
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Indirect Taxation
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Personal Growth & Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Project Report

Eligibility criteria for admission at CIT:

Eligibility criteria for admission at CIT:

We offer a 2-year MBA programme in our institution with ultimate placement support. Here is the list of criteria for admission for MBA. 

  • You must have a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university
  • At least score 50% of the marks in aggregate of all the years of the degree examination. 
  • Students from Karnataka who come under special category-1 and SC/ST will require at least 45% of the marks. 
  • A student also needs to have a scorecard of anyone entrance exams like KMAT, CMAT, MAT or PGCET.

Our objectives:

We are one of the Top MBA dual specializations HR and finance colleges in Bangalore and are obligated to follow our heritage. Our courses are structured to include world-class infrastructure and expertise in human resources management and finance courses. The primary objectives for the course are here:

  1. PEO1: To prepare graduates to critically think and solve real-time problems in the organization through conceptual understanding and pragmatic approaches.
  2. PEO2: To develop professional skills enabling graduates to work in a local, global and multicultural environment and have the ability to communicate actively with stakeholders and articulate their thoughts and ideas.
  3. PEO3: To make our graduates accomplish the task assigned by working in a team or leading a team.
  4. PEO4: To inculcate the attributes of lifelong learners which makes graduates become high performing managers and leaders.
  5. PEO5: To prepare graduates to become successful entrepreneurs.

We respect the commitment and devotion of students to study. Our MBA dual specialization in HR and finance focuses on creating a potential professional for the corporate industry. We are one of the top MBA dual specializations HR and finance colleges in Bangalore, and we ensure student excellence in every forum.

Career prospects for MBA dual specializations in HR and Finance:

Having an MBA dual specialization in HR and finance, bring forth multiple scopes in your career. Human resource management is the key platform that brings workforce and management together for the growth of the company. And the finance team maintains the company’s financial wellbeing. The statistics indicating the huge market demand for HR and finance professionals will increase in five years. Human Resources management and finance management is considered to be the backbone of any organization. After graduation from top MBA dual specializations HR and finance colleges in Bangalore a person can choose any of these professions from the following list:

  • HR Generalist
  • The Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • The HR Data Analyst
  • The Payroll and Benefits Administrator
  • HR manager
  • HR specialist
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Change consultant
  • Compensation specialist
  • Financial Officer
  • Risk Officer
  • Finance Director
  • Financial Adviser
  • Accounting Manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Finance Manager (personal/corporate)
  • Investment Strategist
  • Cash Manager
  • Credit Manager and Specialist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Treasurer
  • Insurance and Risk Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Investing Sales Trader and Associate
  • Corporate Controller
  • Manager Consultant
  • Corporate Banker
  • Credit Risk Manager
  • Private Equity Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Sales and Trading Analyst
  • Stock Market Analyst etc.

So, students have a wide range of opportunities of choosing the right career path after completion of an MBA dual specialization in HR and finance.

Why choose Cambridge for your MBA

Cambridge institute of technology is one of the top MBA dual specializations HR and finance colleges in Bangalore known for its excellence in the education field. We thrive to have excellent students across India. Our approach is to provide a platform to elevate student’s knowledge and life skills. Our dedication is to help students to explore and make them understand the importance of an MBA dual specialization in HR and Finance. We encourage students to become one of the finest business experts in both financial and human resource management.

  1. We have partnered with reputed companies for training, internship, project management, and placement.
  2. Our students, with an MBA in HR and Finance, hold reputed positions in different organisations.
  3. With 100% placement assistance/paid internship, we have also introduced some special online courses to improve the skills of students.
  4. Apart from this, we offer plenty of opportunities for students where they can gather industrial training experiences.
  5. Infrastructure design of State –of-the-Art helps to meet students’ comfort and academic needs.
  6. The Student Induction Program helps new students to fit into the new environment, to instil in it the institution’s ethos and culture.
  7. Practical expertise in nonprofit organization.
  8. We’re a campus with zero waste. We stand for protection of the environment and also inspire students with our activities.
  9. Training in conformity with industry standards & requirements is provided to Cambridge students.
  10. Intuit, the annual technical festival- is an annual exhibition of projects. An opportunity for CiTech students to present their analytical and technical skills in project modelling.
  11. Higher education review magazine ranked 41st throughout the country.
  12. PTM (Janitva Sabha) regular development updates to individual parents by the respective departmental colleges between parents & professors.
  13. CiTech faculty members use a variety of teaching methods to enhance learning.
  14. Live on-site with NGOs & social enterprises Social Impact Projects.
  15. Skills & technical training tailored to your needs.
  16. Highly qualified university for VTU students.
  17. Transform students into innovative, collaborative and leading professionals.
  18. Pinnacle– annual Intercollegiate Management Fest, an exhibition platform for students.
  19. Ignite Forum – The launch of the “IGNITE” Management Forum is a platform for students to show their talent for organisation of cultural and management activities.
  20. Covid Safe– A fully disinfected campus using modern technology, with stringent hygiene measures.
  21. Cambridge Institute of Technology is intended to assist students in understanding the insights of diversified SDGs, and to focus on sustainability & work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  22. The first and only Institute from India in the world to take part in the global case study is the Cambridge Institute.
  23. Students can obtain a Digital Marketing Certificate from well-known US universities through Qversity.
  24. Qualified and experienced professors with a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge and guiding all students.
  25. Industry regularly connects events by means of guest lectures & business visits.
  26. In collaboration with IBM, Cambridge Institute of Technology offers the global Business Analytics Certification Program.


Certification Programs

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, marketing modules are changing rapidly. The adoption of digital media in the marketing sector gave an instant boost. Now traditional marketing policies have been replaced by digital marketing strategies. With an immense number of job opportunities, a digital marketing course is giving wings to the students. Our certification program in digital marketing is an associate course of MBA in marketing. This upgraded digital marketing course includes social media marketing, SEO, Google Ad marketing and many more. The structure of our module is mainly focusing on the uses of tools and analytics of digital marketing. After this program, a student will earn the title of the certified digital marketer. After having the certificate of Digital marketer, a vast arena of digital marketing jobs will uncover.

Business Analytics

There is a demand in the job sector for the role of business analytics. At CIT, we always try to cope with our skills and learning process with the dynamic world’s demand. We train our students for the future, so our certification course in Business analytics is the perfect example of our ethics and education module. Cambridge Institute of Technology, in collaboration with IBM, offers a certification program in Business Analytics. The program covers analytics tools like Cognos BI, SPSS and Big data Infosphere. The students will have hands-on experience in the analytics tools mentioned above. Industry experts from IBM will train the students with an emphasis on the usage and application of the tools. After the successful completion of the training program, the students will receive a certificate from IBM.