Renewable Energy Certification Course


Municipalities spend up to 40% of their annual budget on electricity costs. It has become imminent to calculate and reduce energy-intensive practices in order to cope with the increase in demand and reduce operational expenses. To transition towards increased energy efficiency, capacity building and training in energy auditing and management practices will be required.


The certification course will:

  • Transfer technical and practical knowledge to participants on Energy Auditing for rooftop
    solar, buildings and streetlights
  • Create awareness about the financial and environmental benefits as a result of renewable
    energy generation and optimum energy utilisation.


The program consists of 2 webinars, 3 hours each, over the span of 2 weeks

Sl.noTopicMode of TrainingPROPOSED DATESDurationResource Person
1Module 2- part 1Online24th Apr 20213hrsAuroville Consulting
2Module 2- part 2Online1st May 20213hrsAuroville Consulting


Inge van Alphen

Head of Training and Capacity Building

Auroville Consulting


The modules will include an introduction to the following components:

  • Energy Auditing;
  • Energy Conservation and Efficiency-introduction;
  • Energy Efficiency for the Building Sector;
  • Energy Efficiency Street Lights;
  • Solar Photovoltaics (PV) – basics;
  • Feasibility study for Solar PV;
  • Solar PV system design;
  • Solar PV technical specifications and tendering;
  • Financing mechanisms for Solar PV and policy framework;
  • Learning by gamification and exercises