Farms and Forestry (UF) Certification Course


Farms and forested areas in the vicinity of a city are accessible to city dwellers. If suitably managed, these can provide a wholesome natural environment for recreation, conservation education, biodiversity conservation and support services like water and soil conservation, pollution abatement,
and the reduction of heat in lands effect on a city.


The Farms and Forestry Certification Course will provide participants with an understanding of urban and forestry farms, their importance and prospects, trees and their needs. This will also demonstrate how they grow and adapt in urban environments, as well as the problems faced by farms and forests when their needs are not met. This understanding can prevent unintentional damage caused by our lack of knowledge. Participants will further receive an insight into the biology, relevance, and struggle of urban farms and forests, and equip participants with the knowledge to incorporate the health and well-being of farms and trees into urban landscapes. The course also explores the issues of proper aftercare to ensure that urban farms and forests and urban trees have everything they need to grow into strong and healthy specimens.


The program consists of 5 webinars, 3 hours each, over the span of 5 weeks

Sl.noTopicMode of TrainingPROPOSED DATESDurationResource Person
1Module 4- part 1Online12th June 20213hrsAuroville Consulting
2Module 4- part 2Online19th June 20213hrsAuroville Consulting
3Module 4- part 3Online26th June 20213hrsAuroville Consulting
4Module 4- part 4Online3rd July 20213hrsAuroville Consulting
5Module 4- part 5Online10th July 20213hrsAuroville Consulting


Inge van Alphen

Head of Training and Capacity Building

Auroville Consulting


A five-module training program will equip the participants with a functional understanding of urban
farms and forests and how to create and conserve city farms and forests and conservation through
theory and hands-on practices. The modules will include the following components:

  • Cutting-edge approaches from internationally certified arborist professionals.
  • Understanding of flora and fauna, urban forestry, urban farming
  • Understanding of environmental, social and economical benefits of trees in cities.
  • The relation between climate and urban forests
  • The relation between the health of citizens and urban farms and forests
  • Choosing the right trees for different locations and how to incorporate them into existing plans
  • Detailed method for pre-development planning with the benefits outlined
  • Proper post-development care
  •  Maintenance strategies
  • Risk assessment and mitigation